• Hi Nina, good question! There is no rule for change the Rainmate water, however we recommend to change the water every day or two days if you continuously use the Rainmate. Because the water get dirty with the use, therefore it will dirty the Rainmate fan.

    • There is no minimum level for the RainMate. Just put half of the tank of water as general rule. As more water you put also more fragrances You will need to add in order to smell.

    • Hi Darla.
      The Rainmate feature a Rain sound while is running, it is designed to sound like a nice raining day, but not suppose to be noisy.

  1. We’ve had our rainmate IL for about 3 weeks and it recently stopped “raining”. It stirs the water but not the normal rain. We’ve taken it apart and rinsed it in cold water. No clogs but it didn’t help.

    • Hi Sydney.
      I suggest you take it to your Rainbow distributor. Normally the Rainmate can last for several years running smoothly.

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